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live, work and play
in a start-up

where your inner and outer journey

blend seamlessly together


why are we building
a start-up eco-ashram

cities in India are congested, plagued by pollution, and are hotbeds for inequality. yet, people continue to migrate to cities for economic opportunities.

but what if you could realize your potential as a human being WITHOUT sacrificing your - health, mental wellbeing, spiritual progress and personal relationships, while pursuing work that is meaningful and beneficial to the world around you.

sounds too good to be true?

well, that's what the startup eco-ashram is all about.

the eco-ashram aims to be a haven for creators of all kinds to freely pursue their passions without worrying about their physical survival. at its core, the ashram will be the epicenter of creativity, sustainable living, healthy relationships, and spiritual progress.

values we aspire to live by

equality with

there are roles but no hierarchy of roles, everyone is an equal contributor. we share time, resources, and benefits as a community. every member is valued and supported equally

harmony with
nature and her rhythms

living harmoniously with nature, in natural homes, generating minimal waste and living self-sufficiently by using natural resources judiciously


living consciously in terms of our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health, learning and growing in each regard - this can manifest as plant based food, natural farming, practicing meditation and yoga, using medicinal herbs for when we need them, using non-violent and teal practices to maintain a harmonious community


artists and creatives ignite our world with colour and passion. often undervalued, they are essential to our community spirit. we celebrate their creativity and ensure they thrive alongside us. 

ethical, mindful & impactful
economic pathways

start-ups can be a force of good but with power comes responsibility. our venture builder and accelerator will champion businesses that better the world.

sense, learn and evolve

we believe it important to beattentive to the needs of the earth,the people, and the organisation, toevolve through reflective practice; in our community, we believelearning is integrated in our day today lives and happens best withdiverse people and ages

want to know more about the build3 eco-ashram

read more about our origin and our vision of life at the ashram


our origin story

is very relatable and human


how will a day in our life

at the eco-ashram looks like

build3 startup ecoashram presentation.jpg

read more about us to

understand the context better

frequently asked questions

  • how can I register, and what is the registration deadline?
    the registration deadline is mentioned above. You can begin the process by requesting an invite. once we’ve received your request, we will take 24 - 72 hours to evaluate whether we are a good fit for your interests. if it’s a match made in heaven, we will send you an invoice for the program. once fulfilled, it’s time to pack your bags and come to Goa!
  • who will teach the program?
    we have a roster of seasoned mentors and industry experts that we invite to each retreat. the mentors that we have mentioned above have taught at our retreats in the past. we cycle between the mentors mentioned above and additional mentors that are part of the build3 eco-system. all the mentors that we invite are equipped to help you understand the startup journey themselves since they have built startups before.
  • how long is the program?
    the program is 3 days long. participants will stay at our community residences for 4 days.
  • what is the cost to attend this program? what's included in the price?
    the cost of the program is Rs 25,000 + 18% GST. this covers workshops, events and programs, dormitory accommodation, and all 3 meals(healthy, home-cooked, vegetarian meals) for the duration of the program.
  • when does the next edition start?
    please scroll above to view the upcoming dates of our program.
  • where will the program take place?
    This is a residential program held in Candolim, Goa. while the workshops and sessions take place at the blue villa situated 80m from the beach, you will be staying in dormitory accommodation at our coliving space, also a stone’s throw away. in case you require a private room, please reach out to us.(do note: this would reflect in the program cost).
  • what happens after i attend the program?
    during the program, you will be added to the build3 online community on 'circle' where you can interact with impact founders from across the country. we curate our community to include people who are passionate about building startups for profit AND purpose. our online community is a great way to seek help and offer your support to other founders building startups. you also gain exclusive access to our online course which helps cement your understanding of startup fundamentals and tweak it to your needs.
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