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why do we exist?

most of us know there’s something wrong with how the world operates today.

the growth-at-all-costs model has left a trail of destruction in its wake. we buy stuff we don’t need and overeat, our mental health is in shambles, and our time spent socializing with each other is often spent staring at our phone screens.

our economic engine leaves us on a perpetual hedonistic treadmill, and we never seem to get satiated. we have lost the ability to reflect on how much is enough since the businesses we build constantly focus on fulfilling our desires rather than just meeting our needs (physical, social, psychological, spiritual etc)

we are operating like the proverbial man who cuts the same branch of a tree that he sits on. if he succeeds in cutting it, he fails!

we created build3 as an antidote to today’s mainstream growth model. we clubbed together people who are passionate and formidable at building scalable businesses. we exist to help build impact startups creatively, conscientiously, and through the power of communities.

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we help founders at every step of their journey. from achieving product-market fit to scaling your startup, our community has got you covered :)

venture capital has moved beyond just investing. it is now about business creation. through our team, products, and network of leaders and feeders (check startup communities by brad feld), we support founders with strategy, funding, follow-on investors, vendors, operational expertise, and a supportive community to plug into.

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our community-powered model

what is an impact driven business?

an impact-driven business strives to do good for the mind, body, and earth. to be impact-driven is to see something missing or wrong in the world, and to take action to fix that. it is the intersection of profit and purpose, of doing well and doing good.

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how do we know we are making a difference?

impact for us means creating a kinder and more joyful society while considering the needs of the planet. this is done either directly through the product or service offered, or indirectly—by means of the business operations.

the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) are useful for tracking a company’s potential impact. every startup that we work with ticks off at least one SDG. also, we ensure that the stakeholders we work with (investors, mentors, vendors, etc) are as value aligned as possible.

we are a B Corp-certified business as well :) 


our bhag  

our bhag (big hairy audacious goal) is what helps us think big and create a plan for long-term success. here it goes…

to create several community modules (startup studio, online forum, founders circle, eco-living, etc) that will empower 100k founders to build impactful startups benefiting the mind, body, and earth. build3 will be the go-to community for founders looking to bring about positive outcomes in the domains of sustainability and impact.

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stages of evolution

a venture builder in goa that works towards building startups that create positive social impact.

a small living community built with like-minded people that creates impact startups. the goal of the community will be to unlock human potential at the deepest level possible while taking care of the environment.

make freely available all of our principles and learnings so that value-aligned communities can emerge everywhere.

values that guide us

from the beginning, build3 set out to be a different kind of company. one that not only celebrates profits but also purpose. a space where like-minded people come together to share their existence around minimalism, sustainability, wellness, and self-reliance.

we don’t push culture. despite differences, we build communities that can adapt, evolve, and blend together. we strongly believe we’re better together and raise our glasses to each person’s unique talents, experiences, and passions.

a forest does not require maintenance; only manicured gardens do. that's the guiding principle we use when we build community.


with the hunger to build a sustainable future at our core, we live these values:

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we are teal

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teal organisations want their members to show up as their real selves. here, individuals are encouraged to ‘drop the mask’ (no matter how uncomfortable it may be at first ;). we believe this facilitates positive relationships, increased productivity, and job satisfaction. you are not here to impress your superiors or put down your colleagues for promotions. we are transparent with each other and we aspire to be trusted unfalteringly.  to know more about what inspired us, read "Reinventing organisations" by frédéric laloux's.

we dont settle, we set high targets and keep at it!

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approach influences outcome. instead of saying, “can we do it?” we say “how can we do it?” be bold, take big swings, challenge the status quo, and back your ideas with passion, data, and logic. from time to time, we like to remind ourselves that disagreements can be good. they lead to discussions, new ideas, and better solutions. naturally, there will be times when the outcome isn’t what we were gunning for. but we don’t let setbacks bring us down. instead, we view them as turning points in our story that pave the way for triumph.

collaboration makes us better

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the recipe for guaranteed startup success is still unwritten. in fact, chances are that it will always be this way. however, we strongly believe in the power of communities, and it shows. we lean on our peers, friends, as well as professionals outside the organisation to maximise success rate. don’t think of the world in purely transactional or win-or-lose terms when collaborating. share freely and ask freely… good stuff happens to those that do.

be conscientious—the world needs more of it

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we believe that conscientiousness is a prerequisite for doing good things. we yearn to innovate and invest in products, technologies, and processes that promote the well-being of society and the planet. we hold ourselves accountable, while also being kind to ourselves. owing to the known fact that we are all different, conflict in the workplace is inevitable. but strength lies in treating each other warmly and fairly, even when we’re wronged. additionally, we consider the earth a stakeholder in our company and are always working towards reducing our carbon footprint.

Click here to access our full list of values.

we have our own language

you know you're at build3 when you hear the following :


in our minds, there are two types of tasks... one that you are leading—proactive, and the kind somebody else is leading but requests your support in—reactive. the former takes up active mindshare and if you don’t plan and act, nothing will happen. the latter will come across your desk from time to time and will need to be actioned at the time… you don’t need to be thinking about it all the time.

meet the builders

sherpas also need sherpas. meet our advisors.

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