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does your latest ‘preneur revolve around impact? do you better the mind, body or the planet through your work?

if so, we want to get to know you better. come work out of our beautiful beach villa in goa, attend a startup event or send us an email if you want to collaborate with us!

our home away from home

we’re based out of a picturesque, independent villa by a secluded beach in candolim, goa. the villa is designed in a way that puts both our people and the planet first. we compost, use solar power, segregate our waste, and do other sexy planet-friendly stuff.

if you work in the impact sector, we invite you to work out of our beautiful beach villa. we follow a pay-as-you-like model at the villa and are always keen to connect with fellow trailblazers in the impact sector.

functionality over luxury

there’s a reason why our office doesn’t resemble a four-floored glass building. we value functionality over luxury, and it shows. our space has several meeting rooms with varied seating capacities and arrangements. round tables, comfy couches, or a hammock—you choose where you want to work. and whenever you require a caffeine dose, simply head down to ruby's coffee lab—one of india’s finest.

space that champions.webp

a space that champions mindfullness

we believe that mindfulness in the workspace is not just a “nice-to-have” but a “must-have.” and so, our space is designed as such. The beach is just 100 metres away, and we love our evening walks by the sea. we’ve got rooms specially catered to those who need some personal space, a time-out, or a nap. if you fancy a break in the outdoors, there are swings and a reflexology path.

community living at its finest.webp

community living at its finest

build3 is all about doing things together. as part of our eco-living project, we’re constantly building our community play area, which has a games shack—hands down one of the best places to break the ice with your colleagues! our beautiful community gathering space is where all the cool events and workshops are. and our community kitchen is well-equipped with cutlery, utensils, an OTG, and a stove.

sustainability is the norm.webp

sustainability is the norm

it is the intent of being immersed in nature and living self-sufficiently that has led to us calling this villa our home. our space is blessed by natural light and ventilation, and we use sustainable materials to build whenever possible. we have composting bins for efficient waste management and a vegetable garden that we are experimenting with for the startup eco-village that we are building.

co-create with us - program, events, courses, etc.

we love to co-create. whether it is courses, events or programs aligned with our values, we’d love to hear from you.

if you have an idea that you would like to collaborate with us on, submit it through the short application form below and we will be in touch.

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