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find your entrepreneurial tribe

rejuvenate, upskill, and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs and creators at a beach villa in goa

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cohub: a melting pot of people, ideas, and experiences

the convergence place for an eclectic mix of entrepreneurs and creators to mingle, create businesses, learn, and experience being part of a carefully curated community.


where simple living meets relaxation. whether you're here for a few days or staying long-term, our cozy and effective living quarters serve as a comfortable space to rest and mingle with other entrepreneurs and creators as you experience cohub.


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the blue villa is the place for entrepreneurs and freelancers to get work done during the day(or night if you prefer) while rubbing shoulders with other founders building their own businesses. once you're done with your day, you can choose to grab a delightful cup of artisanal coffee from the coffee lab in the basement and walk barefoot to the beach to catch the sunset


while we are dedicated to social impact and entrepreneurship, we also believe in letting our hair down when we aren't working - and sometimes when we are. you can choose to engage in a varying set of activities from workshops on strategy and hiring, to a masterclass on making poi(a local bread), or head into town for a good ol' saturday night pub crawl. theres an activity for every vibe at cohub.

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experience serendipity 

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  • comfy short term & long term stays

  • laundry services

  • recreational areas

  • private, shared and community rooms(dorms)

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  • stable internet and 24/7 power backup

  • dedicated working stations

  • meeting rooms

  • calling areas

  • walking access to the beach

  • workshops - business strategy, setting a vision for your team, finding your best work etc

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  • networking and social events

  • recreational activities like bicycle tours, drum circles, rock climbing, open mics, pottery workshops etc

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once you pass the vibe check*, you're in for a delightful experience filled with collaboration, learning, and bonding with the cohub tribe

*we have limited spots as the cohub community is highly curated

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