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cohub - coworking and coliving for founders and creators

take a brain vacation in Goa

collaborate and be energised with like-minded entrepreneurs and creative maestros at a beach villa in Goa

Coliving and Coworking in Goa - Cohub by build3
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a melting pot of people, ideas, and experiences

meet like-minded founders and creators at a coworking beach villa in Goa. the programs at cohub, part of the coliving experience, will help you upskill as a founder and will help you bond with your fellow participants.

our definition of creators is broad. at cohub, creators include founders, artists, musicians, chefs, writers, dancers etc

For more clarity and bookings, please feel free to reach out to us on 04954263095 and choose option 1 or 2 on our IVR.




here's what people are saying about cohub :)

Cohub Google Maps Review - Vivek

the blue villa: here's where our coworking and play happen :)

here are some of the people you will meet :)

Varun Chawla at build3 cohub
varun is the co-founder of 91springboard, one of the biggest coworking communities in India. he conceptualized 91springboard in 2013, a time when the term ‘coworking’ was alien to India. varun is a seasoned builder of new ideas and has founded multiple startups in the fields of real estate, data and finance. 

varun, co-founder of build3 (former co-founder of 91springboard)

coliving at cohub

we offer simple yet comfortable stays. whether you're here for a few days or staying long-term, our coliving quarters serve as a space to rest and mingle with other creators as you experience cohub.


our coliving quarter is a minute's walk from the blue villa.

coworking at cohub

the blue villa is the perfect place to get work done while rubbing shoulders with other creators and founders. it's fitted with dedicated work stations, meeting rooms, high-speed internet and an organic coffee lab that meets your caffeine needs - making it a favourite amongst coworking spaces in Goa. 


we also curate workshops around fundraising, strategy, setting a vision etc that will bolster your creator journey.

once you're done with your day, you can walk barefoot to the beach to catch the sunset :)

play at cohub

while we are dedicated to solving the worlds problems, we also believe in letting our hair down when we aren't working - and sometimes when we are ;)

you can choose to engage in a variety of activities from a m
asterclass on making poi(a local bread), poetry jam sessions, board game nights ,or simply head into town for a good ol' saturday night pub crawl. theres an activity for every vibe at cohub.


coliving options

we offer simple yet comfy stays during your time at cohub.

6 Bed Mixed Dorm - Cohub - Build3
4 Bed Dorm - Cohub Coliving in Goa
Private Room - Cohub Coliving in Goa

6 bed mixed dorm

Rs 1000/night + GST

4 bed female only dorm

Rs 1000/night + GST

private room

Rs 2500/night + GST (single)

Rs 3000/night + GST (double)

more about cohub

experience serendipity 

Coliving at Cohub by build3 - Goa


  • simple yet comfy accomodation for short & long term stays

  • recreational areas

  • private, shared and community rooms(dorms)

Coworking at Cohub by build3 - Goa


  • stable internet and 24/7 power backup

  • dedicated working stations

  • meeting rooms

  • calling areas

  • walking access to the beach

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  • networking and social events

  • recreational activities like bicycle tours, drum circles, rock climbing, open mics, pottery workshops etc

Coliving at Cohub by build3

we are a community of creators. once accepted, you're in for a delightful experience filled with collaboration, learning, and bonding with the cohub tribe

we have limited spots as the cohub community is highly curated

need more info on cohub? got suggestions for us? want to tell us we're awesome? drop us a line on

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