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we help founders build impact startups better.

startups that care not just about profits, but also about people and the planet.

think of us as your institutional cofounder. we bring the community, capability & capital to help scale impact focussed startups.

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we help founders at every step of their journey. from achieving product-market fit to scaling your startup, our community has got you covered :)

venture capital has moved beyond just investing. it is now about business creation. through our team, products, and network of leaders and feeders (check startup communities by brad feld), we support founders with strategy, funding, follow-on investors, vendors, operational expertise, and a supportive community to plug into.

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our community-powered model

what is an impact driven business?

an impact-driven business strives to do good for the mind, body, and earth. to be impact-driven is to see something missing or wrong in the world, and to take action to fix that. it is the intersection of profit and purpose, of doing well and doing good.

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how do we know we are making a difference?

impact for us means creating a kinder and more joyful society while considering the needs of the planet. this is done either directly through the product or service offered, or indirectly—by means of the business operations.

the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) are useful for tracking a company’s potential impact. every startup that we work with ticks off at least one SDG. also, we ensure that the stakeholders we work with (investors, mentors, vendors, etc) are as value aligned as possible.

we are a B Corp-certified business as well :) 

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you will be in good company. heres proof :)


build3 helped us refine our business model. we were allowed the space to explore a much leaner, flexible, and scalable model to launch the company, and we started at a fraction of the cost of what we originally outlined. they also helped us with connections, and we were connected to our first client through build3's network.

ankur, ruby's coffee

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