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Brewing Success Together: Ruby's Coffee and build3

imagine a world where every sip of your morning coffee not only awakens your senses but also directly uplifts small and marginal farmers, fostering a sustainable and environmentally conscious coffee culture.

This is the world that Ruby's Coffee's founders, Ankur and Nikhil, have been envisioning and actively crafting, one cup at a time. It wasn't long before build3 and Ruby's crossed paths, considering our shared interests of creating impact via business. and thus started our co-building together to help scale Ruby's impact-driven venture and a help in nurturing its vision into a blossoming business. Our partnership with Ruby's is such a tale of shared visions, where investment meets impact, and entrepreneurial dreams brew into reality.

The Foundation of Ruby's Coffee

Ruby's journey began with a clear vision: to redefine the coffee supply chain for the betterment of small to marginal farmers and the environment. Committed to delivering high-quality, organic, and responsibly sourced coffee, Ruby's set out to ensure that every sip taken is a step toward a more sustainable and equitable world.

With a team passionate about their work philosophy, culture, and the impact they could make, Ruby's aims to build a world-class community of growers and consumers united by a love for coffee and a dedication to fair trade and reducing carbon footprints.

Ruby's in its initial days | 2021

The Strategic Pivot with build3

Ruby's initial business plan, requiring a substantial investment for each location, was ambitious. However, it was through the collaboration with build3 that Ruby's found an innovative path to expansion with significantly reduced capital expenditure. The strategy to establish a coffee shop within a restaurant not only minimized the startup costs but also accelerated the brand's growth. This pivot from traditional to more sustainable business practices exemplified the shared values of innovation and impact between Ruby's and build3.

Nikhil, co-founder of Ruby's Coffee, at the build3 villa

The Role of build3: A Catalyst for Growth

build3's involvement went beyond financial investment. By introducing the concept of pop-up locations and fostering key business development relationships, build3 played a crucial role in expanding Ruby's brand network. Moreover, the support in hiring and training the first baristas, and the introduction of Nitro equipment, showcased build3's commitment to Ruby's operational success and innovation in product offerings.

training sessions at Ruby's Lab in the build3 villa

The partnership also explored diversifying Ruby's business model beyond running coffee shops. Initiatives like selling beans directly and training programs for other coffee shop owners and baristas emerged as viable business extensions, furthering Ruby's impact and reach.

The Impact: beyond coffee, a win for farmers

Ankur, co-founder of Ruby's, sourcing directly from farmers

The collaboration between Ruby's and build3 has been a testament to the power of shared goals and complementary strengths. Together, they have not only created a thriving business but also promoted sustainable practices and fair trade, ensuring that the farmers are rewarded fairly for their labor.

By bringing unique coffees directly to consumers, Ruby's, through it's co-building journey with build3, has bridged the gap between coffee growers and enthusiasts, fostering a community built on mutual respect and shared values.

Future Brews: Continuing the Journey

As Ruby's looks to the future, the journey with build3 is far from over. With plans for further expansion and continued innovation in the coffee industry, the partnership is poised to keep making significant strides in creating a more sustainable and equitable coffee supply chain. The impact of their work extends beyond the coffee cup, contributing to a larger movement towards responsible consumption and production.

team Ruby's at their lab in the build3 villa

Ruby's and build3's journey exemplifies how collaboration, driven by a shared vision for impact, can lead to transformative success. Together, they are not just brewing coffee; they are brewing a better future for everyone involved in the journey from bean to cup.

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