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learn what it takes to build a startup in 3 days

30 startup enthusiasts. 1 beach villa. 3 days of learning and fun

early bird registrations closes in

why did we create this retreat? 

as an aspiring founder, you are probably wondering what it takes to build a startup.

thats where we come in!

over the past four years, we have worked with hundreds of startups (we even run an impact-focused startup accelerator!)

and it thrills us to see founders grow and flourish (both as better founders and people)

we created this retreat to help aspiring founders learn how to

- pick a startup idea that is scalable and profitable
- build a product
- get your first set of customers
- fundraise
- find co-founders and build a team
- set your startup culture and build an organisation that lasts


everything you need to know to get a lay of the startup land.

join a community of founders that appreciates the hustle and understands the struggle!


who is this for?

  • aspiring founders looking to understand what it takes to build a startup

  • founders looking to network with experienced founders and mentors

  • first-time founders confused about executing their startup idea

  • traditional business people looking to apply startup principles to grow their business


testimonials from our previous retreat :)

heres what we have in store for you :)

activities in the retreat fall under 3 buckets : upskill, energise & collaborate

upskill : workshops that help you understand how to build a startup
energise : activities that help you find your purpose and rejuvenate you
collaborate : activities that help you bond with each other and make startup friends for life


your mentors :)

varun pic.jpg
varun is the co-founder of 91springboard, one of the biggest coworking communities in India. he conceptualized 91springboard in 2013, a time when the term ‘coworking’ was alien to India. varun is a seasoned builder of new ideas and has founded multiple startups in the fields of real estate, data and finance. 

varun chawla, co-founder of 91springboard and build3

how to apply

request an Invite

the program is invite-only as the members of the community will define the quality of the experience. 

15 minute call

once we receive your submission, we will schedule a 15-minute call so we can get to know each other better. nothing beats a good old conversation.

fill out the form

this is your opportunity to tell us about yourself, what you're building, and help us understand how we can help you on your startup journey. 

final confirmation

we will let you know our decision within 24 hours. after that, all that's left is to complete your booking and pack your bags!

join our upcoming batches

seaside startup


26th july - 29th july

early bird : INR 20,000 (save 20%)

(exclusive of all taxes)

  • gain exclusive entry to skill-building workshops.

  • immerse yourself in curated, collaborative events.

  • savor the luxury of healthy vegetarian meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • cultivate meaningful connections with like-minded founders and creators.

  • meticulously crafted, enhanced wellness experiences.

  • dorm room accommodation **

*we have only 30 slots available on a first come first serve basis

**in case you want a private room, please connect with us


registrations closes in

credit card emi options available

if for whatever reason, you do not find the retreat useful, we will offer a full refund! please let us know what did not work for you :)

SSR 2 Success story.png

this is the power of the retreat, its for the doers!
we get founders together and help them build startups  💪🏽

still have questions?


why should you come to us?

build3 is the brainchild of varun chawla, co-founder of 91s, one of India's largest co-working community spaces. build3 is a company that helps founders build startups and its run by founders who have built startups successfully before.

we have also worked with over hundreds of founders to help build their startups. (we run an impact focused accelerator program)

building startups and helping founders grow is in our DNA!


who will teach the programs?

we have a roster of mentors that we invite to each retreat. the mentors that we have mentioned above have taught at our retreats in the past. we cycle between the mentors mentioned above and additional mentors that are part of the build3 eco-system.  all the mentors that we invite are equipped to help you understand the startup journey themselves since they have built startups before.



where will the program take place?

seaside startup retreat is a residential program held in Candolim, Goa. while the workshops and sessions take place at the blue villa situated by the beach, you will be staying in dormitory accommodation at our coliving space a stone’s throw away. in case you require a private room, please reach out to us.(do note: this would reflect in the program cost).


what is the cost of the program? what does it include?

the cost of the program is Rs 25,000 + 18% GST. this covers workshops, events and programs, dormitory accommodation, and all 3 meals(healthy, home-cooked, vegetarian meals) for 3 days of the program. 


what should participants bring with them?

we would recommend packing for beachy weather, which can get a bit warm and humid. Items like shorts, sandals, sunscreen, sunglasses are essential. also do carry any personal care products and medication as required. beyond that, an open mind and warm smile will take you a long way while you’re participating in the program. :)


how many participants will be in the program?

each cohort will have a maximum of 30 participants to ensure opportunities to create deeper bonds with each other. 


who should apply for this program?

you should apply for this program if one or more of the following apply to you:

  • aspiring founders looking to understand what it takes to build a startup

  • founders looking to network with experienced founders and mentors

  • first-time founders confused about executing their startup idea

  • traditional business people looking to apply startup principles to grow their business


how long is the program?

the program is 3 days long. Participants will stay for 4 days with us in Goa


how can I apply, and what is the application deadline?

the application deadline is mentioned above. You can begin the application process by requesting an invite. once we’ve received your request, we will take 24 hours to evaluate whether it is a good fit, post which we will invite you on to a 15 minute call where we get to know you and how we can help you better. once we’re done with the call, we will inform you if it’s a good fit within 24 hours post which we will request payment of the fee. once done, it’s time to pack your bags and come to Goa!


how does this program benefit my startup journey?

with this program, you will learn the fundamentals of building and launching your startup, while incorporating aspects of mindfulness, and well being into your entrepreneurial journey. you will also be learning beside other entrepreneurs like yourself who will form your support system as you go out and begin building your business. 


is there any follow-up support after the program?

during the program, you will be added to the build3 online community on circle where you can interact with impact founders from across the country who have engaged with build3 at some point in their journey. you can reach out to this community to exchange resources, experiences, ideas, have topical discussions, and stay updated on events happening in the build3 ecosystem. detail the range of topics, from business fundamentals to well-being and creativity.

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