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founders circle

a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs

being a founder can be a lonely path where finding others who can relate to your experiences is hard. with your team, customers, partners, and family relying on you, who do you turn to for support? you may also find it difficult to access the right resources and connections to help you along your journey.

enter founders circle: a peer platform fostering business and personal growth in a safe and supportive environment.

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founders circle provides you with :



a founders circle is composed of a reliable group of members who share relevant experiences and resources, provide honest feedback, assist with problem-solving during in-depth sessions, and serve as accountability partners. you’re essentially gaining friends who can relate to your business journey.

a safe haven

a secure environment for you to express your vulnerabilities, and share your innermost worries and insecurities in a confidential and non-judgmental setting.

equal participation

every circle consists of 5-8 members eager to assist and learn from one another. regardless of experience level, age, or other characteristics, every member has valuable insights to offer and lessons to learn. founders circle aims to create an inclusive space where every member can actively participate and derive benefits.


you will receive access to build3’s community resources which includes operational frameworks to run your business more efficiently and warm connects to our network of startup friendly vendors, mentors and investors.

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how does it work?

as a member of a circle, you will participate in regular engagements such as meetings and retreats and receive access to various resources like operational frameworks, vendor lists, and mentor connections. you can use our ready-made templates for the activities or even create your own!

fortnightly meetups provide the primary opportunity for interaction with other members, where you create your own agendas, discuss goals and accountability, engage in brainstorming sessions, and gain relevant insights from each other and external experts.

the quarterly retreats are two-day getaways where you can build relationships with fellow members in a relaxed environment and review the past and future quarters.

join the founders circle invite list

join the founders circle invite list today to connect with a community of exceptional founders who understand the challenges of building a business.

while the program is currently open only to founders in goa, those outside goa can still join the invite list and receive the founders circle wiki, which provides tools and guidance to help you self-organize your own “circle”.

click on the button to join our invite list and take the first step towards joining a network of like-minded founders.


1. how much does membership in founders circle cost?
founders circle is presently available to you at no cost. we’d like you to experience it for a few months before we charge for it. however, we will eventually charge a fee once we receive sufficient feedback from everyone.​

2. why is founders circle only available in goa right now?
we are currently on pilot mode and would like to work in close proximity with founders during the initial rollout. this currently means working only with founders based in goa(where we are). once we’ve got a few circles going, we will open it up to founders in other locations as well.


3. how much time will i need to dedicate to founders circle?
you will need to set aside approximately 7 hours a month. this includes 2 fortnightly meetings of 3 hours each, 30 minutes for filling in the introspection sheet prior to the meeting. if you are the moderator, you will need to account for another hour to prep for and co-ordinate the meetings.


4. is founders circle a virtual program?
nope. building camaraderie and trust in a confidential, distraction-free, safe space is done best when the group meets consistently in person. for this reason, we recommend meetings take place in person and not virtually.

5. What the founders circle is not?

while its effects can be therapeutic, the founders circle is not a therapy group. the founders circle is also not a place to find co-founders or customers. it should not be considered a networking group or social club. there is no hierarchy between different founders, just different experiences. there is no room for judgment as well, everyone is on the path to bettering themselves :)

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