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build3 becomes a Certified B Corporation

In my last article, I wrote about why build3 decided to become a B Corp. If build3 strives to be a company that prioritises profit AND purpose, I felt it was imperative that we walk the talk and set high standards for new recruits when they join us. A company that is honest about how we are impacting society and the environment around us.

Thats why we chose the B Corp certification. The process to receive the certification is rigorous and signifies companies that are committed to changing the way they do business.

After a long and arduous application process, I’m proud to say that we are finally B Corp Certified and only the 9th company in India to receive this certification. We want to see the B Corp movement gain momentum in India and want to help other organisations receive the certification as well. After all, the certification signifies a fundamental shift in the way businesses operate.

So, I wanted to write an article that highlights the benefits of becoming a B Corp certified company. A big shout out to Dr Shashi, founder of SAGE consultancy in Bangalore for helping us out with our B Corp process and taking us through the benefits of the certification.

1. Access to best practices, knowledge, and the network of B Corp companies around the world

With an online forum dedicated for B Corp companies and regular meetups, you have the opportunity to skip the small talk and network with a tribe of business folk who understand where you are coming from. You may receive help in the form of funding opportunities, mentorship , knowledge exchange etc. There are over 6000 certified companies in over 80+ countries.

2. Positive brand recognition

Marketers have an immense responsibility at influencing public behaviour and discourse. We take that responsibility seriously. As a B Corp organisation, people generally have a positive image of your business and are more inclined to work with you because of that.

Google Trends for B Corp in India
Google trend for B corp key word in India

3. Boost in hiring young workers

Millennials and Gen Z’s are increasingly prioritising purpose as a motive for picking their career. Due to the rigorous standards of B Corp, young workers see a B Corp certification as validation for a company’s intent to do good in the world, thereby increasing the companies allure to young workers.

4. Partner with other B Corp organisations

By being part of the same tribe, there are various ways to partner with other B corps. This includes joint marketing campaigns, co-creating products or services, and even developing collective impact initiatives to address common challenges.

I hope some of these points convinced you of the business sense of applying for the certification. The road to receiving the certification is arduous but its worth it if it means we recognise companies that are trying to move the needle to create a better environment for everyone.

Please feel free to contact me at if you are considering applying for a B Corp certification. I'm more than happy to help you on this journey :)

P.S. You may see our detailed B Corp assessment report here.

If you want to know about what build3 does, please follow this link.

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