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from idea to impact,
faster than ever

find the Woz’ to your Jobs, learn from founders who have been there, done that, and access the right connections to build your startup idea.

build3 impact accelerator cohort - 2:
55 aspiring entrepreneurs. a gazillion ideas. one beach villa


throw spaghetti on a wall and see what sticks! the accelerator is a laboratory for discovering ideas and building impact startups that scale. 

similar to a three-legged race, you will work closely with your fellow cohort members to achieve startup success. the environment at the accelerator is designed to break the ice between participants, cultivate a deep understanding of each other's strengths and discover ideas that you would like to work on together.

the accelerator is a 6-month program. entrepreneurs who get selected are trained in entrepreneurship, live together and find their co-founders in the first 2.5 months and if their idea shows promise, we will invest up to ₹25 lakhs at the 2.5 months mark to build MVP and reach PMF along with a clear path to profitability.

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2 .5 months

2 April '24 - 15 June '24 

discuss. debate. synergise

this part of the program is designed to help you find your partners in crime and finetune your ideas.

by the end of the ideation stage, you should have:

a) found the people that you want to work with.
b) an idea that your team is stoked to build.

to be a part of this stage, build3 will take up to 3% equity* in your current or future company.

* 1.5% each for mentorship support and the platform to find a co-founder respectively.



3.0 months

16 June '24 - 15 Sep '24

build. break. iterate. repeat

here is where you race to achieve the coveted product-market fit status with your team. 

by the end of the create stage, you should have:

a) a product that is validated by the market and ready to scale.

b) a clear path to profitability

to help you meet the criteria mentioned above, build3 shall invest (selectively in a few companies) ₹25 lakhs to build your product against 5% equity in your company (on top of the previously mentioned up to 3% in the ideate stage).



0.5 month

16 Sep '24 - 30 Sep '24

it's off to the races!

in the next 15 days, you will meet purpose and sector-aligned investors and vendors, rapidly closing the seed-funding round

by the end of investothon, you should have:

a) secured seed capital to scale your startup

b) locked-in strategic partners for your journey

build3 shall co-invest in this round along with other investors and while the accelerator may end here, our partnership is for life! build3 will continue supporting the startup through a mix of office hours and mentor connects.

the application process

our application form is designed to flex your startup mindset 💪 and let your personality shine.

we are excited to know more about you as a person, what your motivations are for joining the program and the skills you bring to the table.

the application process is divided into three stages. you move on to subsequent stages of the application process if you meet the criteria of the previous stage. 

the ferrero rocher

This stage involves a detailed application form to delve deeper into your motivations for building an impact startup and the skills you bring to the table. You will receive a reply within 4 days of submitting this section

the lindt lindor

This stage consists of interviews that determine your ability to think on your feet, your ability to work well with others and your technical skills. You will receive a reply within 1 week of giving your interviews.

the dairy milk

This stage includes a short application form to determine if you align with the purpose of the accelerator. You will receive a reply within 2 days of submitting this section.


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  • how much equity does build3 take?
    equity held by build3 is divided into 3 stages - 1. ideate stage: candidates shortlisted into the program offer 3% equity to build3 (1.5% each for mentorship support and the platform to find a co-founder respectively) in your current or future company. 2. create stage: build3 collects 5% additional equity for PMF investment and support of ₹25 lakhs of investment 3. investothon:you will meet purpose and sector-aligned investors and vendors, rapidly closing the seed-funding round, where build3 may co-invest.
  • how long is the program?
    the discovery phase where you ideate and discover potential co-founders is 2.5 months. this is followed by the establish fit phase for 3.0 months where you figure out your MVP. the program concludes with the investothon which is 15 days. so in total, the program is 6.0 months.
  • when does the accelerator program start?
    Cohort - 1: 2nd October 2023 to 31st March 2024 Cohort - 2: 2nd April 2024 to 30th September 2024
  • do I need to have an existing idea or team?
    no, don’t worry about it! we’ll help you all the way from ideation to team building to building your dream startup! if you’ve got an idea, that’s great too! all you need is the drive and passion to create something awesome!
  • how much does build3 invest in every startup?
    at the two and half months mark, where you would have figured out the idea you are working on + have a rockstart team to take it forward, in order to kickstart your journey and help you discover product-market fit, we offer funding of INR 25 lakhs to scale your startup to new heights, This is followed by 'investothon' in 3 months. (Please note that only selective startups shall receive funding from build3, and not all).
  • what are the expenses i’d have to bear?
    you’d have to pay for accommodation and food. you can access the cohub (read more here, we have a special monthly price for accelerator participants) and every meal costs about Rs. 100 - 150 on average.
  • can I join remotely?
    unfortunately not :( to ideate with your potential co-founders, you need to physically be present in Goa. serendipity occurs in close proximity!
  • going into the create stage would build3 entertain non-impact ideas?
    nope, we are only motivated to work with impact-focussed startups. it's always profit AND purpose at build3. you can read about how we measure social impact in this lucidly written article by elton on why did build3 come into existence and abhimanyu on How do we measure social impact at build3? you may also read our ‘about us’ page to know more about our motivation for choosing to work with impact focussed startups.
  • what if I don’t match with any co-founder?
    no issues, you can still pitch to the investment committee but please note that startups with at least 2 co-founders have a higher chance of moving to the next stage. you can read more about the advantages of having a co-founder through this article: The advantages & challenges of building a multi-founder startup.
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